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Foster Road

The project site is perched high in the gently rolling foothills of Los Gatos, between the mountains to the north and the sweeping expanse of the valley floor to the south.

The entry courtyard is enclosed by 6’ high ledger stone walls which provide both privacy and enclosure, yet allow uninterrupted views of the mountains beyond. A circular golden granite cobblestone entry drive provides a parking area for guests, and is framed on the mountain side by a 6’ waterwall that descends into a narrow slot. Three equally spaced cobblestone arcs radiate outward from the circle, gradually stepping up toward the front door. Within the stone arcs, bands of white birches provide a transition between the entry courtyard and the house, and delineate another layer of privacy from the street above.

To the west of the house, a series of linear stone retaining walls enclose a single line of fruiting orchard trees set in a lavender and calamint garden.

To the south, a play of terraces of travertine, gravel, and a croquet lawn step gradually down, subtly drawing one toward the expansive view. The terraces are framed by the broad arc of an 18” high infinity edge wall, below which the slope falls away precipitously. A horizontal fountain of gradual 1” drops reflects the sky above in its textured surface, and a final 3’ drop provides a sound barrier from the hum of the valley floor below.

Outside the walled entry courtyard and rear terraces, a native Valley and Coast Live Oak garden provides both privacy and a seamless connection to the mountains above and the forest below.